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     The Center for Human Science, consisting of 26 unique living spaces in eight air-conditioned buildings on its own 2-acre campus, is conveniently located in the heart of Chapel Hill. The Center provides short- and long-term accommodations to graduate students, faculty, and members of the general public interested in understanding the world we live in. We offer 30% discounts for stays lasting 30+ days, and 50% discounts on select units for semester long stays.

  Our dynamic campus offers a variety of work spaces for individuals and groups. Whether you are looking for a place to collaborate on a small group project or host a larger meeting, seminar or retreat, we have rooms to meet all of your needs.

 Nothing jump starts creativity and innovative thinking like gathering with diverse minds. The Center hosts weekly and monthly activities designed to foster interdisciplinary communication. It sponsors conferences, lectures, seminars and retreats.

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