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Grants for Research, Teaching and Publication

What is KNOW?

  • KNOW stands for Knowledge Networking on the Web.
  • KNOW enables interactive, online teaching, research, and publication.
  • KNOW can be used to promote discussion among participants and allow them to test their progress.
  • KNOW provides an easy-to-use interface for creating online surveys and instructional modules.
  • KNOW snippets are an attractive supplementary forum for publishing and getting feedback on scientific research.
What are Snippets?
  • Snippets are information modules, more dynamic and interactive than Wikipedia entries, with easy peer-review.
  • Snippets consist of one or more TIQs (webpages), each consisting of some Text plus optional Image and Questions.
  • Snippets are easy to create with an intuitive on-line interface (see Latané & Ryan, 2007).
Who can apply?
  • Faculty, post-docs, graduate and advanced undergraduate students
  • At UNC and elsewhere (housing for visitors is available at the Center)
  • For projects in any field of human science, broadly defined.
Where can work be done?
  • To start, at the Center. Later, anywhere you have access to the internet.
  • We are looking to develop long-term relationships.
  • We plan to sponsor meetings for past and present Fellows and grantees
    to encourage collaboration and foster the development of an international, interdisciplinary community..
Money matters
  • Grants to graduate students are flexible, but can be estimated as $20 per hour of time required
    (for example, a project involving full-time effort for a 5-week summer term might carry a stipend of $4,000).
  • Grants for undergraduates and post-docs can be estimated at $15 and $25 respectively.
  • Faculty grants can be used to replace academic year or summer salaries and to hire research assistants.
    (if administered through an institution, overhead is limited to 5%).
  • Housing and roundtrip transportation to Chapel Hill is available for recipients from other universities.
  • Specialized database programming can be provided as needed.
When to apply?
  • You may apply at any time, but sooner is better.
  • Grants can start at any time for any time commitment and duration.

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