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Fellowships in Interdisciplinary Living
at the Center for Human Science

   The Center for Human Science was founded at the turn of the millennium to advance the understanding of human and social dynamics by fostering a vibrant community of scholars in a setting that encourages intellectual exchange and innovative interdisciplinary research.
    Its Director, Bibb Latané, is a retired professor of social psychology who has won numerous awards and grants for his research on bystander intervention, social loafing, and the complex dynamics of social systems.
    Center activities are designed to involve pre- and post-doctoral students at UNC and Duke, adjunct and visiting faculty, and Center alumni. However, the heart of the program is its group of Residential Fellows who constitute the faculty of this "experiment in academic utopia."

Fellowships: The Center seeks practical idealists who:

  • Want to meet and interact intellectually with people from other departments;
  • Want to extend knowledge from their own disciplines to human problems;
  • Are curious about theories and methods from other fields of study;
  • Desire to live and/or work in a communal setting;
  • Would like to be part of a life-long network of experts in related fields; and
  • Seek involved, intense, exciting conversations on important issues.

Priority will be given to students in anthropology, business, communication, economics, geography, political science, psychology, public health, or sociology, although applicants from any discipline with a personal or scholarly interest in human science will be considered.

Amenities: The Center consists of five houses and two cottages on a two-acre campus in Chapel Hill’s historic Vance-McCauley district. The residences boast airy porches, well-maintained grounds, and Southern charm. The Center is located two blocks from campus and the Franklin Street shopping district, with several free bus lines nearby.
    In addition to furnished suites, Fellows have access to:

  • A 2000+ volume reading room,
  • 12-station computer lab with hi-speed internet access,
  • Color printing/duplication/binding facilities,
  • Media room with 120" high-definition audio/visual system,
  • Lap pool/workout facilities,
  • Offstreet parking and covered bike shed

Please contact us via email if you would like to join us for a campus tour, dinner, and seminar session.

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